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You've seen the problem.
You know the cost. 
Alloy seals eliminate the type of
shaft wear seen here,
reducing replacement, maintenance
and downtime costs.

Worth the Investment
Alloy seals sharply reduce lost product, labor, down-time, and maintenance expense. Customers report "not a drop of leakage" and "no wear and tear on the shaft."
Large or Small
Alloy seals are available in a variety of standard sizes from 1-1/2" to 14". In addition, Alloy offers full customization of seals to fit your particular application. Alloy has supplied mechanical seals for shafts as small as 1" (25.4 mm) and a large as 20 inches (509 mm).
Wet or Dry
Whether your process is highly fluidized or dry, Alloy has a seal to meet most needs and provide a cost effective solution.
Carbon or Stainless
Alloy mechanical seals are available in both carbon and stainless steel. Seals can also be designed to be used in edible applications.
Pressure or Vacuum

Whether your vessel operates under pressure or vacuum, the Alloy seal is a cost effective solution to shaft wear and leakage. And Alloy Mechanical Seals can take the pressure. Alloy has successfully applied our seals in applications up to 80 PSI internal pressure.

Modular Design
Alloy Mechanical Seals are modular in design permitting replacement of only the worn components. This assures that long term maintenance will be as easy and cost effective as the initial purchase
Split Seal Ring

The Alloy Split Ring permits the replacement of the most common service parts without removing the entire assembly. Servicing the Alloy mechanical seals is a breeze with split rings. Simply loosen the locking screws, move the assembly back. Then remove the worn ring and flex a new ring around the shaft, all without having to remove bearing or drives.

Shaft Sleeves
Alloy makes shaft sleeves for used shafts. These shaft sleeves are machined from abrasion resistant materials, coupled with "space age" epoxies to fill cavities. This process returns your shafts to their true diameter, permitting use of mechanical seals on worn shafts, often without removal from the machine.

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